Feb 2011

The general topic of Macro Photography was discussed, with several presentations given by Al.  The Project for the next couple of months is to photograph small indoor subjects for March and expand the scope to include wildflowers and insects for April.  Links to the presentations are as follows:

The world of Macro or Close-up photography presents a fascinating look into the realm of the small and quite small. Macro photos generally require special techniques and some special equipment for best results. The following three presentations contain fairly detailed information regarding many of the aspects of Macro. Part 1 explores cameras, lenses and lens accessories for macro. Part 2 looks at lighting and flash equipment, while Part 3 explores some methods of extending Depth of Field applied to Macro. (Click on the image to open the presentation).

Macrophotography Part 1 - Equipment

Macrophotography Part 2 - Lighting

Macrophotography Part 3 - Expanding DOF

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