Creating Slide Shows

This presentation was updated by Al Peter on 1/9/2012 NUG to include additional slide creation programs and a step-by-step process.  Programs include Picasa, Photoshop Elements 10, Lightroom 3, PowerPoint, Pinnacle Studio, and PowerDirector.
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Examples: These are reduced quality videos specifically for the web. Several of the programs will output 1080p files for playback on HDTV. To play these files requires a player that accepts .flv Flash video files, such as Windows Media Player.  Each example is also linked from within the presentation.  Wait for the video to load (15s to 60s).
Example 1 Alaska_HDV_720p – 2:30
Example 2 Transistion_Examples720 – 0:35
Example 3 Overlay_Titles – 0:14
Example 4 Caption – JPEG
Example 5 PanZoom720p.flv – 0:32
Example 6 Special_effects 720p – 1:32
Example 7 Motion_Titles720p – 0:29
Example 8 Overlay720p – 0:14
Example 9 Photodex Proshow 720p – 2:50 Note:  This demo presentation was created in Photodex ProShow.  It is different from the others because it is a streaming application that only downloads images and commands.  The effects are created on the fly by a small browser plugin that you are asked to install the first time the show is accessed.  It is quite safe and easy to implement.  The image size is large (1280×720) and may require a lot of processor resource – on slower computers the transistions and effects might appear uneven.  The primary advantages are the small size of the final slide show file and rapid download times – compare to the download times for Example 1.

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