14mm Rokinon

Impressions of the 14mm Rokinon f/2.8 UWA lens on a Nikon D800 at full frame (FX). This lens is manual focus, but has a coupling chip, so the D800 rangefinder function works, as well as auto exposure. The 14mm Rokinon is extremely sharp across the field with low chromatic abberation. It does have lots of distortion, as can be seen in the un-corrected images. However, Lightroom does have a Lens Profile available for this lens, which corrects linear distortion, CA, and corner light fall-off.

Rokinon 14mm f/2.8

In use, the lack of auto focus is not an issue. The focus indication in the D800 allows focus to be set accurately even very close and wide open. Focus is very smooth, however, the focus ring has a large rotation angle from one end to the other. Build and quality seem to be very good for this moderately priced lens – it costs about 1/4 of the Nikon 14mm f/2.8 and is much smaller and lighter and just as sharp, according to the reviews. Other than being a manual focus, the only failing is the linear distortion, which is mostly fixable in LR. Overall quite a bargain.

The images below were all taken with a D800, uncropped, and sharpened in LR 90% 1.0. The images have been resized to 900PX max size. Some 100% center crops are shown at the end to show sharpness. All of the images below except as noted have been corrected for distortion.

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Purple People Bridge
Lens inches from fence. f/8
Old Oak Tree
Shot straight up from ground level. f/6.3
Interior Architectual. f/6.3
Flying Pig
Closeup f/8
Extreme depth
Lens just inches from fence - Great depth of field. f/16
Extreme Closeup 2
f/2.8 Note the blured background
Extreme Closeup 1
Edge of pillar was only inces from the lens. f/5.6
Entrance Corrected
Exterior architectual image, corrected in LR. f/6.3
Perspective through a window. f/8
Daniel Beard Bridge Bridge
Closeup of Cincinnatus statue. f/8
Bridge Perspective 2
Bridge Perspective 1
Showing exterme perspective of 14mm full frame. f/6.3
#2 Corrected in LR
Full frame corrected image. Lightroom Profile correction. Most of the distortion has been removed. f/4
#1 Uncorrected
Full frame uncorrected image. Note rather extreme linear distortion. f/4
Riverfront Park
Sawyer Pointe Park
From the bridge overlook. f/8
View toward Cincinnati
D800 level indicators used to keep vertical ines straight. f/8
Woodpile closeup
100% Crop 1
Central crop of Cincinnatus Statue
100% Crop 2
Central crop of bridge
100% Crop 3
Central crop of Oak Tree
100% Crop 4
Central crop of Purple People Bridge

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